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Starting in 2014 the Wildhawk Players Association (WPA) will have a Player of the Year (POY) program, similar to the Fed-Ex cup on the PGA Tour.  The top 10 finishers by flight, in POY Tournaments, and the top 2 in the Match Play tournament will receive points based on the WPA POY Point scale.

Player of the Year Point scale

1.       100 Points

2.       90 Points

3.       80 Points

4.       70 Points

5.       60  Points

6.       50 Points

7.       40 Points

8.       30 Points

9.       20 Points

10.   10 Points

All Member Guest type tournaments are excluded from the POY points program.

Ties will be added then divided by amount of people/teams.  For example: 2 people tied for 3rd, you take the 3rd and 4th spots points add which would equal 150 then award both spots 75 points


For the match Play award the top two in each flight a set point total i.e. 100 and 75 points respectively.

For team events each team member will earn the whole points, it would not be divided amongst the team members.

All members will receive 10 points for playing in a tournament.


There is one Double points tournaments in 2017. 


        ·         WPA Club Championship – September 9 & 10, 2017


Points are awarded across flights/Indexes, but only the top point earner will earn the Player of the Year title.

Feel free to contact Gary Phillips, the WPA POY Committee Chairman with questions or comments.

Gary Phillips (email) 

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