WildHawk Players Association




Board Meeting Minutes: June 8, 2011
5:30 p.m. @ Wildhawk Grille
Board Members:
Present: Phil Kuhn, Tim Croisdale, Scott Davis, Doug Speakman, Bruce Adams, Todd Bessey,
Jeanette Turvill, Carl Springer, Bob Imrisek, Deane Hammitt, Mauricio Vargas, Steve Martinez, Chris Savolainen
Al Jordan
Absent: Coppin, Tony Schwartz, Paul Henderson, Jerry Braxmeyer, Bruce Hoffman

- Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m. Phil
Second – Deane
All in favor – Yes
Opposed - None

First order of Business – Accept minutes from 04-05-2011 & 05-03-2011
First – Phil
Second – Deane
All in favor – Yes
Opposed - None


Comments from the Course - Paul


Guest Speaker - Al Jordan
Brought up the fact that a member/member played in the member/guest tournament (Tyler & Carl.)
Wanted to express his feelings against this decision and wanted to know how the Board
would proceed in the future.
Answer: Appeals are first brought to the tournament director, then goes to handicap committee,
and then to the board for a vote.


Tournament/Rule Committee - Scott
11 people signed up for theJune 18th WPA Open Medal Play Tournament:
0 – 4.2 Index will play from the Golf Tees as Scratch (no strokes)
Will have four flights if 40 people sign up – Flights will be equally divided by number of players.

Match Play finalist withdraws: One of the players thought he had joined the WPA, after further
investigation it turned out he had not. An offer was made for this person to join (for $65.00)
and replay the match, which he decided not to join and withdrew from the event.


Information Committee - Chris


Finance committee - Bruce A
Checking Account Balance is $4,308.73.
Does not include Wounded Warrior Tournament or
left over money from the Zone Qualifier Tournament


Handicap Committee - Tim
Two Players have 2 points and are being watched.


Prize Committee - None


Frequent Player Committee - Steve
Up to Date – need to give information to Bruce Hoffman to be posted to website.


Membership/Administration Committee - Deane
WPA has 258 Members – estimated 275. Current discount offer
is $65.00 to join WPA through the end of the 2011 season.


Website Committe - Bruce


Old Business - None


New Business -
At Wounded Warrior Tournament – We will have 18 foursome gift tee times
for a number of different golf courses.
Please send out one more email blast.
Carl purchased Golf Towel Sponsorship
Sacramento Mountain Lion Cheer Leaders will be at the Tournament
Richard will help have food and drink sponsorship


Final Wounded Warrior Tournament Meeting will be on
Monday be July 20 @ 5:30 PM, Wildhawk Grille


Meetin adjourned 6:23pm Motion - Bruce
Second - Chris
All in Favor - Yes
Opposed - None

Next WPA Board Meeting will be on June 29th, Wednesday @ 5:30pm, Wildhawk Grille