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1. To stimulate interest in golf at the WildHawk Golf Course
2. To promote and foster among the members a closer bond and fraternity
3. To encourage conformance to the USGA Rules of Golf by creating a representative authority
4. To maintain a uniform system of handicapping as set forth in the NCGA/USGA Handicap System
5. To provide an authoritative body to govern and conduct club competition


Home of the WPA


    Your 2017 Board of Directors for the WPA:


Bruce Hoffman - President

Gary Phillips - Vice President

John Poma - Tournament Chairman

Don Jamarck - Treasurer

Ben Calhoun - Secretary

Diane Hoffman - Membership Chairwoman

Ben Calhoun - Handicap Chairman

Gary Phillips - Player of the Year / Frequent Player

Jerry Kilbert - Board Member



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WildHawk Players Association

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