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1. To stimulate interest in golf at the WildHawk Golf Course
2. To promote and foster among the members a closer bond and fraternity
3. To encourage conformance to the USGA Rules of Golf by creating a representative authority
4. To maintain a uniform system of handicapping as set forth in the NCGA/USGA Handicap System
5. To provide an authoritative body to govern and conduct club competition


Home of the WPA

Happy New Year fellow WPA members!


I hope everybody had a pleasant holiday season and is ready to get out and swing the golf clubs.


For those of you who have not heard, Phil Kuhn has retired as President of the WPA Board of Directors. As a result, I am honored to report that I have been elected to serve as President for the 2015 golf season.


The following is a list of the other directors for the 2015 season:

Bruce Hoffman - Vice President

Scott Davis - Tournament Chairman

Don Jamarck - Treasurer

Ben Calhoun - Secretary

Frank Sakaoka - Membership Chairman

Diane Hoffman - Communications Chairwoman

Stephen White - Handicap Chairman

Gary Phillips - Player of the Year / Frequent Player

Scott Santos - Competition Chairman


While I am very pleased with those on the board, I would like to extend the invitation to the membership to come join us. We still have three open slots and need the help, support, energy and fresh thinking that come with new board members.


I have been asked numerous times, "what is your platform?" My answer is, "I do not have a platform." I joined the board of Directors last year because I got tired of being a complainer. I want to see this club return to its glory days. I want this club to be successful, to be a force in Sacramento golf clubs. To achieve this goal we will attempt to install some new policies, extinguish some bad policies and refine some that are good in concept but bad in execution. I want people to be proud of this club. I want people to sign up for WPA tournaments knowing, regardless of their handicap number, if they play good golf, they have a chance to win something.


We will attempt to become a more transparent club. I want people to know there are no hidden policies, no hidden agendas and that this is not a good ol' boys club. The only way this club grows is if we make it worth your time and money.


The "sandbagger" has been made a distant memory for the WPA. If you go to the WildHawkPlayersAssociation.com, you can look at scores of last year’s tournaments. In some instances you will see someone broke the bank with an out of this world score. It did happen a few times. But as the year continued and the handicap system took hold, the scores became tighter and tighter. Often times a net 67-69 was a winning score. Many times the below par rounds were heavily outnumbered by the over par rounds. As it should be, winners scores were determined by the ability of those players on tournament day, not the scores the sandbagger stuffed in the NCGA computer in the months leading up to the tournament.


We will continue to move forward with the WPA Handicap System. We will take a hard look at enhancing it through using more scores over a longer period of time in order to stabilize the handicaps. We will also look hard at integrating the GHIN index as an alternative index, to insure that the most equitable grading system will be available to grade each individual golfer.


We will look at whether there is an advantage given to those playing from the white tees when competitors are playing from different tee boxes within the same flight. Several options are available and we will discuss this further at the next Board of Directors Meeting on Monday, January 12, 2015 at the Wildhawk Grille at 5:30 PM. Your attendance and input is welcome.


We will be integrating Skins Competitions, Closest to the Hole Competitions, and Longest Drive Contests into as many of our tournaments as possible.


I want to see this club reward our members for playing in our tournaments. Last year we instituted a "Player of the Year" competition where competitors earned points for finishing in the top 10 of each flight of the tournament. The player with the most points at the end of the year was crowned "Player of the Year," very similar to the Fed-Ex Cup points earned on the PGA Tour. Last year Tony Potter won the honor. What you may not know is Dan Moos came in a very close 2nd place.


I want to see a level playing field where a 2 handicap can play in the same foursome and same flight as a 15 handicap equitably. I believe through managing our handicaps, tee boxes and competition rules, this can happen.


We will re-format some of the tournaments, re-schedule some others. Instead of giving away all of our club money through raffle with non-members in the Member/Guest Tournaments, I want to see the members benefit. We will reward our prospective new members in other ways, not with your prizes.


I want to grow the Christmas Tournament into a colossal event. We will re-shape the Club Championship to make it more of an Ultimate Event without the cost that prohibited so many in the past from playing.


As you can see, we have our hands full. The NCGA tournaments are coming early this year. We need help. We need energy. We need participation. Please come out. Bring a friend. Help us get this club back on its feet and on its way to prominence.


I want everyone to have my personal number and my email. Call me, Text me, Email me. Tell me what you think. Help me and my fellow directors restore the WPA.


P.S. You will soon receive a very short survey. Please take the time to fill it out.



Chuck King


Wildhawk Player Association


(916) 247-1794




WildHawk Players Association

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